The new Unwinding/Rewinding system for Epson C831 Inkjet Label Printer can handle media up to 220mm (8.66") wide and unwind/rewind label rolls having outside diameter up to 250mm (10"). Units are equipped with a 76mm (3") core holder.

In order to guarantee a perfectly aligned media path, a specific baseplate which easily accomodates the Epson C831 is available, so to have a complete printing station unwinder + printer + rewinder.

Designed to easily handle tractor feeder media, the system can be matched with the D.P.R. Label Slitter that would unwind the previously printed roll, slit the tractor feeder edges and rewind labels to finished rolls.

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Longitudinal slitter for EPSON C831
- It works in-line with the printer -

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The longitudinal label slitter for Epson C831 printer satisfies the present-day necessity to make the most of the print area with the possibility to obtain more rows of labels from the same roll, and then split it through the use of the slitter.

The cutting operations are done by a common cutter blade that is located in an opposite blade holder. The slitter has an external auto-switching 100/240VAC - 5A at 24V power supply and an electronic circuit controls all its functions.

The new slitter, equipped with 76mm (3") fixed core holder, is able to work rolls with a diameter of 250mm (10"). The maximum width of the roll is 220mm (8.66") and it is possible to obtain rows of labels not narrower than 22mm (0.87").

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ASD1134-S4 ASS1134-S4 EPS831-SLT100
ASD1134-S4 ASS1134-S4 EPS831-SLT100
Label unwinder with
76mm (3") fixed core holder
Label rewinder with
76mm (3") fixed core holder
3” fixed core holders
Outside roll diameter up to 250mm (10")
Media width up to 210mm (8.26")
Minimum slitting width 22mm (0.87")