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Customized Labels in a Flash!

D.P.R. offers a range of all-in-one systems that provide everything you need to professionally cut and finish labels of any shape and size - without the added cost of dies. with D.P.R. label finishing systems, users can laminate for added durability, digitally die-cut, remove the excess label material around each label, slit, and rewind the roll, making it ready for final application.

For most companies, cost-per-label savings alone justifies the purchase of a printer for in-house label production. This long-term savings adds up quickly, and while it depends on the specifics of your label design and quantities needed, if you’re like most companies, you’ll see returns that pay for your printer investment in a matter of months.

In addition to cost savings, there are other benefits of owning a digital label printer that can improve your products and customer experience—positively affecting the bottom line.

Avoid delays and minimum order quantities
Many businesses order their labels through a print shop. Outsourcing labels always comes with delays, minimum order quantities or high per-label costs, and an inability to control label quality.

When you own a commercial digital label printer, you can print exactly the number of labels you need, when they’re needed. Not only does this mean no more minimums or waste as labels become obsolete, but it saves time and avoids delays related to order processing and shipment

Minimize and simplifying inventory
When outsourcing, staying on top of your label inventory is another layer of logistics and forecasting that sidetracks you from the real day-to-day responsibilities that should demand your attention.

On top of that, you need a place to store all the labels you had to order to meet minimum requirements and keep costs down. With a color label printer of your own, you’ll only need to stock blank rolls of material.

In-house label printing means on-demand delivery. When more labels are needed, they’re just moments away. And if your label needs to be altered, you’re not left with a wastebasket of obsolete label rolls.

Flexibility to take advantage of opportunities
Making your own labels opens the door to opportunities such as seasonal, promotional, or event-specific packaging. Adjustments and improvements to packaging design are just a few clicks away, giving brands another tool for continual improvement.

Experiment with designs and iterations instantly. No more ordering with your fingers crossed, hoping that what arrives will be what you expected.

The ability to adapt quickly lets companies take advantage of revenue possibilities that are otherwise unexplored.

Independent Producers:
How in-house label printing can boost profit

Improved brand targeting
During the busiest parts of the year, whether its your Spring sale or the classic Christmas rush, no one likes to be kept waiting. In-house label printing allows you to effectively skip the line. Avoid waiting in line while outsourced suppliers drive up prices and lengthen production schedules to suit themselves.

From a financial perspective, short campaigns are expensive when you’re outsourcing label production. You have to overestimate the number of products you’ll sell, and since you’ll submit designs well in advance, you can’t make any last-minute changes to your offer – unless you’re willing to pay extra of course.

It’s 2020, and for a lot of local businesses and small companies, outsourcing label production is simply more expensive than printing in-house. While there is an initial outlay, small businesses can expect a full return on investment after as early as 6 months, and most commonly within 2 years.

Versatility to meet demands
Different roll widths
Different roll outer diameters
Different shapes
Multiple shapes/sizes on a roll

Our Finishing systems for roll of labels
SCR22PL - digital finishing system VIRGO - digital desktop finishing system GEMINI - digital finishing system for sheets

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