ARIES - Semi-rotary label finishing machine

ARIES - Semi-rotary label finishing machine


Aries is an offline system designed to die cut and finish labels up to 30m/minute.

Based on a fully digital workflow, the Aries is equipped with a touchscreen PC interface where users can easily control job settings and the flexible magnetic die plate make changeover simple by quickly snapping into place.

High performance cut speeds allow users to rapidly produce high-quality finished labels in-house, with ease.

Each core is managed by its own tension media control to keep adjusted automatically the media tension on the roll regardless its diameter.

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Why choose our semi-rotary Aries:

- Printed & Unprinted media mode
- Industrial production volumes
- Optimal for short / medium / long runs
- Producing full bleed labels will no longer be a nightmare.
- Laminating adds durability to your labels and eliminates the need for special media.


Offset adjustment
Quick and easy system to adjust the cut over the printed artwork.

Web guide
As standard, the unit features a web guide to guarantee the media path straight through the unit.

Speed Optimization
Depending on the complexity of the artwork, the unit gives the operator the option between “cut on fly” and “start & stop” modes which will help increase work productivity.

Remote Assistance
Customers whose computers are connected to internet will have access to our knowledgeable support technicians through remote assistance, making it convenient to troubleshooting and resolve any issues.

No material limitless

Semi-Rotary Speed Up to 30m/min
Web Width Up to 250mm (9.84") Up to 350mm (13.78")
Input Roll Diameter 500mm (19.68”)
Laminate Economical, self-wound and supported laminate (on a liner).
Die Head Lateral adjustment +/- 60mm
Max. Diecutting Width 230mm (9") 330mm (13")
Max. Diecutting Length 360mm (14.17")
Cutting Dies Flexible steel, from 130mm (5.11") to 360mm (14.17")
Max. Finished Label Rewind 400mm (15.74")
Max. Waste Matrix Rewind 300mm (11.8")
Minimum Slitting Width 19mm (0.75”)
Number of slitting blades up to 12 up to 15
UV Varnish module YES
Core Holder Mechanical (3") Pneumatic (3")
Registration Sensor / Mark Laser / 4mm x 4mm (0.16" x 0.16")


  • Aries - rotary speed
  • In a single pass our semi-rotary cutting machine is capable of laminating, die cutting, waste removal, slitting and rewinding finished labels onto new rolls that are ready for application.

    Type of cut: Kiss-cut

    No material limitless

  • software Aries
  • Cutting manager software

    This innovative and smart cutting management software allows the operator to easily adjust the work speed and the settings for fabulous cutting, time optimization and less materials waste which in turn = greater profits.

  • UV Varnish Module for ARIES
  • UV Varnish module

    Do your paper labels get damaged over time?
    Do you want to make them close to being indestructible?

    With the cold lamination you see some ugly imperfections on your labels?

    With the new UV Varnish module for ARIES series, you will FIX this and other problems that could destroy your labels.
    Easy to install, practical to use, and it will eliminate the annoying and noisy problem of using foils.

ARS25PL 283cm (111.5") 72cm (28.35") 165cm (65")
ARS35PL 283cm (111.5") 100cm (39.37") 165cm (65")



  • ARIES semi-rotary label finisher detail
  • ARIES semi-rotary label finisher detail
  • ARIES semi-rotary label finisher detail
  • ARIES semi-rotary label finisher detail
  • ARIES semi-rotary label finisher detail
  • ARIES semi-rotary label finisher detail